Celebrate this RakshaBandhan with Unique Gifts

Celebrate this RakshaBandhan with Unique Gifts

RakshaBandhan, Celebrate this RakshaBandhan with unique gifts. The most celebrated brother-sister festival is around the corner. If you are the brother, chances are that you have already thought of the special gift you want your sister to have on this special day and maybe, bought it also, just like your sister must have bought the Rakhi for you. If you still haven’t thought of the gift, then what kind of a brother you really are? But don’t worry, it’s not that late. We have the ultimate list of gift ideas for you before it’s too late:

Selfie Stick
A Selfie stick is used to take selfies by positioning the smartphone or the camera outside the reach of the human arm. It can be called an extended arm for taking selfies. Today everyone around us seems to be obsessed with selfies. Most probably your sister also likes to take selfies, just like every other girl.


If you get her a Selfie stick, it would make her stand out in the crowd. You may not have seen many people with Selfie sticks, which is all the more reason why this stick is a unique gift for your sister. It’s an out of the box idea and she would definitely love you for it.

Personalized Coffee Mug
A Coffee Mug is sure to get your sister happy. Now if you personalize this Coffee Mug, it will be perfect icing on the cake. A coffee mug is a simple gift and it becomes unique when you get it personalized.


You need to let your sister know how much you love her and what importance she holds in your life by imprinting something about that on the mug. The Coffee Mug that you would gift her is a daily use item.

A puppy
The famous saying ‘A dog is a man’s best friend’ was not only for the male sex. A dog is as much a friend of a woman as it is a man’s. Therefore, gifting a puppy to your sister could be the most amazing thing to do. If your sister is a pet lover, then a puppy is the best gift that you can give her. If she’s not too fond of dogs, then also she would love it because a puppy is so cute and adorable.

A Scarf
A scarf not only looks beautiful but also keeps one cozy and warm. A scarf is a fashion statement and it looks particularly good on women who wear it with elan. It gives an elegant look. Gifting a scarf would mean that you care about your sister’s personality. It doesn’t matter if your sister is a girl or a woman. A scarf would do her justice and compliment her good looks.

Moccasin Slippers
A person may wear expensive clothes but if he/she is not complimenting it with something really good on the feet, then the entire personality takes a beating. Moccasin Slippers look really cool and decent. They go along well with most outfits. And the best part is that they do not cost much. You could get a pair of decent Moccasin Slippers without spending much.

Happy RakshaBandhan !

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