Class 10th Result CBSE Board

Class 10th Result CBSE Board

The Central Board of Secondary Education was established in the year 1962. The headquarters is located in Delhi. The board conducts the final exams for class X usually in the months of March-April. This year March 2015 about 13 lakh students had appeared for the Central Board exam and the class 10 CBSE board result date was announced as 27th May earlier but it got delayed by a day and was announced at 2 PM on 28th May. The results showed that girls fared better than boys this year too, and there is a decline of the overall percentage of the passing from 98.87% in 2014 to 97.32% this year.

CBSE Grading System

Once the answer papers are evaluated, students are graded depending on their marks. The system no more remarks the marks card as pass and fail. This system was started in the year 2010. The system has a nine point scale to grade the marks scored.  The grading system is based on two parameters of absolute and percentile marks. Below is the table wuth the marks and grade point scale.


Marks Range




Grade Point

91 – 100 A1 10
81 – 90 A2 9
71 – 80 B1 8
61 – 70 B2 7
51 – 60 C1 6
41 – 50 C2 5
33 – 40 D 4
21 – 32 E1 C
00 – 20 E2 C


Board Results Announcement

The Central Board of Secondary Education announces the result date before the exams. The results are available to the students on the internet and it is assisted by the National Informatics Center (NIC). The information is only for the immediate result and will not show any marks list. Results can be checked by visiting the official web page and or also at Students can also register their contact number and e-mail address on the website to receive instant notification by SMS or through e-mail.

Calculating CGPA and Percentage

The results are announced in terms of students CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average).  The average is calculated based on the grade points scored by the students and these points are given based on the marks which are showed in the above table. The average is obtained by adding up the main five subjects and it excludes the sixth subject. Although the results already shows the CGPA grade it is quite simple to calculate it by yourself. Here os how it is done,

  1. Add all the grade points received from five subjects and exclude the sixth subject. For example: Grade points of five subjects are 8, 9, 9, 7, and 6.

Add them: 8 + 9 + 9 + 7 + 7 = 40

  1. Divide the sum by 5. 40/5 = 8
  2. The CGPA is 8

To calculate the overall percentage multiply the CGPA with 9.5

For example as above the CGPA value is 8, hence multiply it by 9.5

8 * 9.5 = 76 %

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