Educative Apps for Children every Mom should have on her Phone!

Educative Apps for Children every Mom should have on her Phone!

Educating the digital age kids is not an easy task. They are hooked on to their devices, and that’s where the problem begins. If you feel getting an app that will help them with learning is all you need, then think again. If you get apps to help them learn, you may or may not get these apps to make them think. You need apps that act as food for the brains; while it should help them learn, it should also enable them to think, imagine and create. So, are there such apps that can help kids learn, create and develop? Yes, here are a few educative apps that you can think of installing on your kids’ tablets, and help them develop.

Flow Free

Flow Free Mobile App

This is a puzzle, which starts out with easy levels. But, as you move up, you will realize that the puzzles require a strong reasoning power. This is an addictive game, and will improve your child’s thinking ability. Each level will make the spatial reasoning ability stronger! It is available for iOS, Android and Kindle devices. The easier beginning boost up the confidence and with increasing tough level makes the game more interesting and challenging to the player.

Spell Tower


If you want your child to develop a strong relationship with spellings, then you should definitely get this app installed on their tablets. It is a good app for kids of all ages. It is a word game that will help them develop a special relationship with words, such that they will know the words even before they begin reading and understanding them. With the help of this app children can learn new spellings as well as memories the structure of the spelling easily that helps them to form the spelling structure with great ease. It is available for iOS and Android devices.

Stack the States

Stack the states

To improve your child’s geography, you can install this game. It is a trivia that helps your child learn the states, and the holidays and other geographical details. It helps them draw the states on a blank map later. It also improves the local as well as geographic knowledge that can help them a lot of things related to climate also. It is currently available only for iOS devices.

Drawing Pad

Drawing Pad

Creating art helps the creative thinking ability of the child. It is an attempt at making the kid more imaginative, using an approach that has a fun element associated with it. This app helps your kids think creatively. It helps the child to thinks at the thing with a different attitude.  It is available for Android and iOS as well as Kindle devices

Monster Physics

If physics seems like a monster to your kids, here’s a way in which you can make it fun experience for them. Get this app loaded to their tablets. Here, your kids need to solve a mission using the different materials in hand. It is an attempt at making their concepts clear, and uses trial and error methods to fulfill the task. In a short span they can develop the habit of having creative approach to a lot of activities.

These are a few apps that moms will find useful. You can either have it in their tablets, or load it in your phones. They can help self learn as well as in teaching your kids.

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