Get your kid in the right school, select wisely

Get your kid in the right school, select wisely

One thing you really don’t want to get wrong is selecting the right school for your kid. A good school is indispensable for turning your child into the man/woman you want him/her to be. When your child looks back to his/her school in retrospect, he/she shouldn’t be accusing you of admitting him into the wrong school.

So how should you go about choosing the appropriate school for your child? If you consider the below pointers, then you should be able to do your kid a decade of justice:

1). Don’t let the school’s billboard fool you.
Try not to fall prey to the school’s huge billboard giving out the salient features of the institution. Make no mistake, most of the times these billboards are misleading.

If the billboard says that the school makes students ride horses, then you should make sure to check if there are any horses in the premises. If it says they turn students into champion swimmers, then please do take a look at that swimming pool. More often than not, there aren’t any horses or swimming pools, except of course on the billboards.

2). Are the teachers any fun?
We have all heard the saying ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’. It’s actually true and most teachers don’t realize that. They like to believe it the other way round, ‘work’ instead of ‘play’ and vice versa. So that he doesn’t grow up to be dumb, these teachers do indeed make Jack a dull boy.

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The bottom line is that the teachers should be a little fun as well. Children tend to remember what is taught to them in a fun way, not what is taught with an iron hand.

3). Academic results of schools don’t matter much.
If a student from School X topped among all the schools in the city, then he might as well have topped while studying from School Y, or for that matter School Z. The point is that School A may have had little to do with this particular student’s success because chances are that he/she might have been intelligent enough even before entering the school.

4). Talk to some students already studying there.
By merely asking a few questions to the school management at the time of admission of your child, you may not be able to judge the school. It would be much better if you heard about the school from students already studying there. Not just students, but their parents as well. Try to know from them if the teachers understand their children’s needs. And if they do, then do they cater to their needs?

5). Extra curricular activities are a must.
Again, you don’t want your kid to become a dull person. This point is being reiterated because it is of utmost importance. If you want your kid to learn the guitar or the violin, then you have got to know if the school has the appropriate guitar or violin teacher. Please do not make a compromise when it comes to extra curricular activities. If you have to send your kid 10 miles away in order to get a school with suitable extra curricular activities, then every mile is worth the trouble.

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