Must-have Gadgets for Your College Life This Year!

College years are some of the best time in a person’s life. From making new friends to capturing vivid memories, from staying in the cheerful atmosphere to being under the sun for photocopying assignments and from staying late at night to passing exams by studying only for 2 hours; everything seems to look magical! However with the passing of time, you will soon find yourself in rough situations such as fighting to get required attendance, rushing out to be able to attend the first lecture, having enough money for a month’s survival, taking important notes and so much more! Rather than regretting things later, welcome some new gadgets in your life to make your college life easier!

Flying alarm clock: To never skip the morning lectures!
Staying up late all night for chit-chatting, making plans for a surprise party, completing assignments or studying for exams can make you sleep deprived. It only means you hitting the snooze button multiple times and getting out of bed when it has gotten too late. To avoid the last-minute maddening situation, get a flying alarm clock.


Unlike a regular alarm clock, you can’t just press the snooze button and go back to sleep. It flies upon ringing and you will have to leave your love affair with your bed to catch it!

Hard disk: To store your never ending files securely! 

As a college student, you will have lots of data to store which will require a bigger space than your phone has to accommodate. You will need to store your event pictures, songs, videos, assignments, previous year question papers, projects, selfies, movies, television soaps, etc. Rather than having multiple USB flash drives for different categories, keep all of your data at one place securely. A typical hard disk has a memory of at least 500 GB giving you ample space to keep your files. Plus using it is super easy. Shop for one at discounted rates using ebay coupons present on and also get the advantage of earning cash back.

Charging backpack: To keep your gizmos always charged!
Since it’s the generation of tech-savvy students who carry at least three gizmos with them each day to cover their everyday needs, it becomes important to keep them charged throughout the day so that when we become dependent on them, they are available for usage. But who wants to be stuck at one place, searching for power points to charge their gadgets? Here’s when a charging backpack comes to your rescue!

charging backpack

A charging backpack won’t just help you charge your equipments but will also help you keep them in a secure and organized manner. Super cool, right?

Smartphone: To have a wealth of information at your fingertips!

A smartphone may seem like an obvious choice but there are a few students out there who are taking full advantage of it. Different smartphones have different features and are loaded with various advancements. While most of them have decent cameras for you to take selfies as well as capture images through front photography, it’s crucial that you exploit a multitude of apps available on them.


Indulge in flipkart online shopping, pay your bills instantly, re-charge your phone on the go, play educational games, book movie tickets quickly and do much more with them. Buy you favourite smartphone at jaw-dropping prices only when you shop using coupons via

Echo smartpen: To never miss important notes!

It shouldn’t come off as a surprise to you when you find the most important lectures held at the end of the day when you have little energy to concentrate and note down the important things.

echo smartpen globeeducation

With an Echo smartpen by your side, you won’t ever have to skip on that. It will write and record everything it hears. It also has other useful inbuilt applications.

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