Tips to Choose the Right College

Number of colleges in India has increased a lot in number in today’s time.  This can lead to a lot of confusion for the student to which college to pick while taking admission. This can get trickier and more confusing then what a person can imagine since the number of factors in picking a college have increased a lot as well. Earlier, number of colleges was very few so students adjusted quite a lot with the college but this is not the case any longer.

There are many colleges offering the same course along with a lot of other extracurricular activities as well. Along with that a lot of other factors come into consideration but nobody would ever think about it. This could cause the student to go through a big adjusting dilemma and affect the student’s performance. Students tend to pick a college mostly because of their friends which is no way to pick a college. In 1947 there were in total 20 universities with 500 colleges. According to the count taken in 2012-13, there are 659 universities with 33,023 colleges in India. From so many options picking the right college is very tough. Hence, here are a few tips to pick the right college.

  1. Appropriate for the course.

Colleges today offer a lot of courses to cater to maximum number of students. Every college though is known for one or two courses. It is imperative to see to it that the course you want is the main course of that college and not a side course provided by the college. This would ensure a better quality of education and a better scope for a placement after completion of the course.

  1. Reputed University.

Before picking a college it is important to pick a college of a recognized university. For example any college affiliated with University of Pune, now changed to Savitribai Phule University of Pune, will have a good reputation since it is considered to be top 10 universities of all time. Private colleges having no affiliation and having their own universities should be checked for their reputation and only then should be chosen. This helps in a better quality of education and an easier job placement.

  1. Job Placement.

This is a very important condition for students going ahead with post graduation colleges. If the college doesn’t provide campus placements then getting a job is going to require a lot of head hunting which can be avoided easily. It is also important to know the placement percentage of the college to ensure a better placement opportunity in the future.

  1. Education Quality.

There are a lot of colleges out there which were established 100 years ago and hence have a good reputation but it’s just the reputation that has lived on and not the quality of the education provided by it. Such colleges should be avoided because if a student doesn’t have a good education his scores will drop which will affect his future. There would be difficulties in placements due to a low score and also he will have a very low understanding of the work he will do and the field he is in.

  1. Other Amenities provided.

This is a very secondary issue to be looked upon. But if two colleges in comparison have the same reputation and education quality, and if the student has other hobbies he would want to pursue which is motivated in a college and not the other, he should pick the college which would assist him in pursuing it. This helps the student connect better with the college and his dedication towards studies would be good and be consistent as well.

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