Top Career Options after 12th

Top Career Options after 12th

In today’s world, vast grasp of media over the globe has opened a lot of doors towards a lot of opportunities. The whole world has become a very small place to live in. People living in different continents are very aware of what’s happening in every corner of the world. New opportunities have come up around the globe not only because of a spread of awareness but also because of technological advancements. With discoveries of new fields, new recruits are required to promote the respective field. In such a vast open field, making a career choice has become extremely difficult.

Post 12th standard in India is the time when a student has to pick which field to go to. In today’s time, students don’t just want to resort to the basic choice of engineering. There are a lot of other fields coming up in science, commerce and arts which interests the student only they don’t know how to go towards it.

Mentioned below are top 5 courses covering most of the fields possible as the number of fields is vast as well.

Top 5 career options after 12th

Mass media and Communication

Mass media and communication is a very creative and a fun course which has a very wide scope. It covers on almost all forms of communication career options. Student can opt for a job in journalism, direction, advertisement, writing and a lot other fields as well. Pay scale after this course, contrary to popular belief is good. Earlier a good command over a language and a degree in literature was good enough to get a job in journalism but this isn’t the case anymore.

Mass Media and Communication

A degree in mass media and communication holds a very big part in getting a job for journalism.

Bachelor of Dental Surgery

For science students who would want to stick to their side and pick something in the field of doctors, this is a very good option. It’s high paying and for the one’s who have a genuine interest in becoming a doctor, this is a good specialization go for. This course requires dedication and hard work and can get time consuming and tiring but it pays well and the hard work is worth it.

Bachelor of Dental Surgery

Contrary to popular belief in these times, law is actually one of the most lucrative courses available to pursue. Corporate law is very high paying and is worth the hard work. The situation of lawyers being high in numbers keeping them out of business is true if you pursue criminal law. Corporate law is high paying and can get very interesting for the student as well.

Chartered Accountancy

Chartered accountancy, also known as C.A is one of the most lucrative courses in the field of commerce. It is not a graduation course though so generally students opt for as a graduation degree along with C.A as is of the same field. A C.A’s main work is to audit a company or firm or assist in tax payments. Secondarily a C.A can assist in starting up a new business, can be a financial advisor, and can make books of accounts.


Option of opening up a new firm is also available. This course requires a lot of hard work and dedication of at least 12 hrs of daily studies. If not up for it one can choose CS or MBA as an option.


A.C.C.A is a course very similar to CA. Only it is less strenuous as compared to CA. This course originated in the UK and is basically the CA course of UK. It is recognised in 170 countries and the process is easier as compared to that of CA. This course gives a tremendous opportunity to settle aboard which CA can’t provide since its recognized only in India. A.C.C.A is a very good replacement for CA. Passing percentage of this course is something around 30%-40% which makes it easier to become an A.C.C.A.

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