Top Secrets no one will tell you about College Life

Students tend to plan their college life. Decide what’s going to happen what’s not going to happen and have a plan set for everything. Well the shocker here is that nothing you ever planned will ever go accordingly. It’s better to throw away all the planning in the trash because honestly it’s going to be one hell of a roller coaster to handle.

Making a game plan for 4 years of graduation is like making a plan to bear a boring history lecture, it will never work out. Students will most of the times find themselves lost, confused, and eventually won’t bother to care with the fast moving life of college. Every 17 year old goes through this phase once they start with their college life. People would generally tell them the usual stuff that college is important and they should be focused on studies to help them get a better job tomorrow but no one ever mentions the inescapable truths of college life. Mentioned below are few of the secrets of college life that no one will mention.

  1. Unorganised life.


No matter what you do, no matter how hard you try to even care about it. You will try to grab hold of situations and make them work out but they just won’t. College life starts and ends so quickly you would just be baffled trying to understand where all the time went. College reputation means the most in such a life and in order to achieve that every student does get lost and barely manage to make it through.

  1. An unclean hostel room

unclean hostel room

No matter how hard you try, no matter how many times you achieve it, your room is going to be the epitome of a mess. You’ll be living with 6-7 unknown people and each persons stuff will be in someone else’s cupboardā€¦that is, if u get one. This is the most common factor of college life. No matter how much you care for an organised life, you just will get used to an unorganised life.

  1. Low attendance


Until and unless you’re a nerd, no matter how dedicated you were in your school life, you will have an attendance below the prescribed percentage. You will find yourself in the campus, but not in the classroom. You’ll probably sit in the canteen or anywhere in the campus indulging in any activity but attending a lecture.

  1. Irregular sleep hours


If you’re the types who slept for a healthy amount of time, you can forget about that routine now. You either sleep for 12-13hours a day or if you’re the types who would go out and paint the town red then you forget about the beauty sleep you always loved.

  1. Unorganised work


There is no way that you will start preparing for an exam or assignment a week or two weeks before. You won’t even think about it unless there is only 48hrs left for submissions or examinations to begin. You will find your work hours eat up everything and an all nighter are a common thing in such a time.

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